Senior Info - RandiLeePhotography2

I absolutely love photographing seniors! They're usually tons of fun to work with and when we work together we can get some amazing photos! That being said I find that a lot of parents and teens have questions about senior photos, so hopefully this helps!



This package is perfect for the senior who wants to have high quality photos but doesn't want to break the bank. We shoot in one location (which can still have multiple looks) with one outfit and photos are downloadable so that you can have access to your photos to print where you'd wish!

- One Location

- One Outfit

- 45 Minute Shoot

- Private Online Gallery

- Downloadable Photos


This is the package for the senior who wants the whole experience! This complete package is the RLP classic package, with multiple locations, multiple outfits, a one and a half hour shoot.

- Multiple Locations

- Multiple Outfits

- 1.5 Hour Shoot

- Private Online Gallery


1. BRING CLOTHES! Always bring at least a few sets of clothing to change into. Girls be prepared to change your hair up a little bit too!

2. LOCATIONS! There are a bunch of different locations I can shoot at and that look fabulous, it all depends on what you want in the background! Do you want to have trees or water? Or would you rather have buildings and railroad tracks? Give me an idea of what you like and we'll come up with some location ideas together!

3. STUDIO! I do have a studio and we can always do some shots in the studio to give you some great options to select from!

4. TIMING! When do you have to have your photos by? Most high schools require the photos done and submitted by the end of October, so I always recommend that you have your session booked and done before the middle of October to give me a few weeks to make sure the editing is done!

5. FRIENDS! I always recommend that seniors bring friends along with them! Friends are often able to get amazing smiles and looks out of seniors that I wouldn't be able to get on my own. Plus we can always take some shots of the senior and their friend together as well!

If you have any questions about how senior portraits work, don't hesitate to contact me!