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One of my favorite things to photograph are weddings! Unfortunately far too often I hear of brides and grooms who have made the mistake of asking a friend to photograph their wedding. Now, I'm all for everyone exploring their passions, but you don't get a second chance to do wedding photos! You get one shot and that's it - which is why I keep my wedding prices as low as I possibly can!

The wedding price includes capturing all the good stuff, including the bride getting ready, the ceremony, the formals, and all of the "good stuff" at the reception! You also receive a private gallery where you, and anyone you send the link to, can view and order photos from. And you will receive a disc with all of your treasured memories on it! I do work with an assistant/second shooter for weddings as well! This price includes traveling up to 1 hour away from my location. For more information or for any questions you may have, please feel free to contact me!

Senior portraits capture that last year of high school and can be extremely fun to photograph! The trick with senior photos is getting the photos that express the senior while, at the same time, getting the photos that the parents want too. The price for senior portraits includes traveling to up to 3 locations (within reasonable driving distance) as well as multiple outfit changes. You receive an online gallery as well as a custom flash drive!

Far too often families do not have portraits taken on a yearly basis, and this is a mistake! Children grow and families change on a yearly basis, and getting portraits taken yearly allows you to capture those memories and all of those change! An on-location shoot is any shoot within 35 minutes of my location. Generally we travel to one location (two if they're fairly close) and do a bunch of shooting! Family portraits always include multiple setups (ie mom, dad and kids, mom and kids, dad and kids, just kids, ect).

On-location not your thing? Have kiddos that like to run around? Come on into the studio! Studio portraits are a more affordable option for those who are looking for family pics. Once again you get multiple setups and still have tons of fun!

Boudoir is a fun, sexy way to give your loved one a treat. It's also a great way to celebrate yourself! I always say that there is something gorgeous about every body, and that is definitely true!! It doesn't matter if you're a size 2, or a size 20 - there is always something gorgeous about everyone! Boudoir portraits are generally done in-studio and every single client I have ever had the fortune of shooting says that they have had much more fun than they thought they would, and they leave feeling empowered and good about their bodies!